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We offer every bride a unique and personal service that is unlike any offered from a bridal shop. Elizabeth works closely with you to design and produce a completely unique and handcrafted gown that has been created just for you.

You will have the chance to craft your one-off gown so you can get the perfect look and don't have to settle for something close.

For more information about our design services, please see our FAQs.

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A free consultation at our design studio* to discuss your requirements and ideas including style, shape, colour and fabrics. (Guide price given).


Once a final design is chosen, a 50% deposit** is paid and measurements are taken.


A sample version (toile) will be made. This will be fitted on you to ensure your dress fits perfectly (sometimes multiple fit sessions may be required).


Once the toile is correct the final fabric will be selected and a further 25% payment made. Your dress will begin to take shape in your chosen fabrics. Further fittings may be necessary to ensure a perfect fit and to finalise finishing touches.


One last fitting to ensure everything is perfect and your dress is ready to take home for your special day. Once collected a final payment is made.